We’re still waiting on a definite date for when we can reopen but are hopeful we’ll be able to announce that soon. In the meantime, here’s a bit of an update and a request for some information from people reading this.

When we restart, sessions are likely to change slightly from our previous arrangements, due to Covid and other factors. Our junior sessions will be starting a little later (6pm rather than 5.30pm) and we’re also looking to have a 15 minute break after that session before the next one starts. This will reduce the number of people coming and going at the same time, as well as giving us a chance to clean any equipment used with the juniors that’s needed for later sessions.

Fencers (and adults attending with them, if they’re juniors) must sign in on arrival. We won’t be checking temperatures or asking about vaccination status but would ask that nobody attend a session if they have any Covid symptoms. Keeping good records helps us let everyone who may be affected know if there is any increased risk from someone coming to fence who’s later become ill or tested positive for Covid.

We have no plans to increase membership or course fees at the moment but reserve the right to review this in light of membership numbers or any changes in the cost of our venue.

What we need from you at this point

It would be extremely helpful to know what everyone’s plans are in respect of returning to fence with us when we restart. Please email us (info@foiledagain.co.uk) and let us know what you intend.

  • Yes, I will be returning/looking to start a beginner’s course as soon as fencing restarts
  • I won’t be returning immediately but hope to return/start a beginner’s course within the next 6 months
  • No, I won’t be returning at all

For people who are not returning, it’s useful to know why (if you want to tell us, this is optional), in case there’s anything more we can do as a club to make people feel more comfortable about coming back to fencing with us.

Please note:  in order to be covered by the club’s insurance, returning fencers will need a current British Fencing membership (at least Starter/Recreational level). If you’re joining a beginner’s course with us, we’ll speak with you about getting British Fencing membership.