Thanks to everyone who supported the Mercia Novice Open 2022 – here are the final results:

Men’s Epee  
1 James Morris-Wright Foiled Again Fencing Club
2 Reggie Chamberlain-Wilde Laszlo’s Fencing Club
3T Christopher Cowie Laszlo’s Fencing Club
3T Sean May Chilwell Blades
5 Matthew Phillips Wingerworth Fencing Club
6 Gareth Poxon Radcliffe Sword Club
7 James Whyley Radcliffe Sword Club
8 George Dunmow Evesham / Kidderminster
9 John Barnetson Lazlo’s Fencing Club
10 Paul Favell Radcliffe Sword Club
11 Joshua Appelbee Foiled Again Fencing Club
12 Caleb Allen Foiled Again Fencing Club
13 Paul Williamson Chilwell Blades
Best first-time competitor John Barnetson


Women’s Epee  
1 Tiernee Mccall TMFC Epee
2 Daisy Barnetson Lazlo’s Fencing Club
3T Gerri Hickton Chilwell Blades
3T Amanda Powell Malvern Hills Sword Fencing Club
5 Daisy Barnetson Laszlo’s Fencing Club
Best first-time competitor Daisy Barnetson


Men’s Foil  
1 Zack Sefton Durham Phoenix
2 Joe Hicks Teeside Fencing Club
3T Paul Favell Radcliffe Sword Club
3T Trevor Beynon Fernwood Sword Club
5 Rob Cooling Chilwell Blades
6 Andrew Walker Radcliffe Sword Club
7 Robin Youlton Radcliffe Sword Club
Best first-time competitor Trevor Beynon


Women’s Foil  
1 Isabelle Hopkinson Cotswold Fencing Club
2 Amelia Murphy Foiled Again Fencing Club
3T Emily Bedford Durham Phoenix
3T Kamilla Somlai Northampton Fencing Club
5 Neve Crutchley Foiled Again Fencing Club
Best first-time competitor Kamilla Somlai