Thanks to everyone who competed in this year’s Mercia Novice Open, here are the results – full results can also be found here:

Men’s Epee

1 Gaz Morris North Kesteven Fencing Club
2 Kevin Bayman Mansfield Fencing Club
3T Finlay Boylan Foiled Again Fencing Club
3T Mark Scott Radcliffe Sword Club
5 Jake Skitt University of Birmingham
6 James Willis Northampton Fencing Club
7 Christopher Cowie Lazslo’s Fencing Club
8 Bill Han Manchester Grammar School
9 Reeve Finch University of Salford Fencing Club
10 Oliver Harrison Hull Crusaders Sword Club
11 James Hutton Chilwell Blades Fencing Club
12 Trevor Beynon North Kesteven Fencing Club
13 John Barnetson Lazslo’s Fencing Club
14 Michael Robinson OPS Epee Club
15 Gordon Cook Harrogate Fencing Club
16 Craig Thomas Birmingham Fencing Club
17 Hugo Janes Frisby Fencers
18 Marty Cauchi OPS Epee Club
19 Sean Skipper Northampton Fencing Club
20 Paul Williamson Chilwell Blades Fencing Club
21 Thomas Rees-Kingston Sheffield Hallam
22 Samuel Byrne Sutton Coldfield Fencing Club
23 Zachary Armstrong Yarm School


Best First-time Competitor:  James Willis


Women’s Epee

1 Laura Dearn Cambridge University
2 Christina Koureta Laszlo’s Fencing Club
3T Daisy Barnetson Laszlo’s Fencing Club
3T Hannah Bradley Keele University Fencing Club
5 Georgia Quinn Wingerworth Fencing Club
6 Donna Elkin Birmingham Fencing Club
7 Amy Newbolt Wingerworth Fencing Club
8 Sheila Haswell 3 Blades
9 Christiane Marjatta Matt Wingerworth Fencing Club
10 Lisa Miles OPS Epee Club


Best First-time Competitor: Donna Elkin


Men’s Foil

1 Benjamin Hadley Sutton Coldfield Fencing Club
2 Gary Coe Harrogate Fencing Club
3T Micha Aviani-Bartram Leicester Fencing Club
3T Barney Byron Northampton Fencing Club
5 Edward Massey North Kesteven Fencing Club
6 Paul Favell Radcliffe Sword Club
7 Benedict Desics Yarm School
8 Gareth Poxon Radcliffe Sword Club
9 Graeme Elliott Hinckley Fencing Club
10 Joe Cook University of Salford Fencing Club
11 Peter Renwick Radcliffe Sword Club
12 Rob Cooling Chilwell Blades Fencing Club
13 Shoaib Farooq Bradford Fencing Club
14 Christopher Simpson Harrogate Fencing Club
15 Tom Goodwin Hinckley Fencing Club
16 Thomas Farrow-Tomson University of Salford Fencing Club
17 Liam Kershaw Radcliffe Sword Club
18 Gary Tolson Radcliffe Sword Club
19 Adam Steadman-Byrne University of Salford Fencing Club
20 Leo Sowdon University of Salford Fencing Club
21 Lucas Crowe Radcliffe Sword Club
22 Finn Tulloch Yarm School
23 Oscar Lane Yarm School


Best First-time Competitor:  Graeme Elliott


Women’s Foil:

1 Eli Gayton Chilwell Blades Fencing Club
2 Sophie Morris North Kesteven Fencing Club
3T Maria Vasileva Unaffiliated
3T Emma Conway Radcliffe Sword Club
5 Iona Baker Radcliffe Sword Club
6 Amna Qavi Contreras Fencing Warriors
7 Esther Hobbs Northampton Fencing Club
8 Fozia Liaqat Fencing Warriors
9 Hazra Jogiyat Fencing Warriors
10 Gemma Cook Harrogate Fencing Club
11 Carys McNeill-Ritchie Yarm School
12 Zoe Stokes Radcliffe Sword Club
13 Becky Thomson Smith Harrogate Fencing Club
14 Patricia Reid North Kesteven Fencing Club
15 Kate Tolson Radcliffe Sword Club
16 Afifa Makdah University of Salford Fencing Club
17 Hannah Foster Radcliffe Sword Club
18 Ana Poulton Sutton Coldfield Fencing Club
19 Fiona Hartley Chilwell Blades Fencing Club
20 Nuha Maryam Sutton Coldfield Fencing Club


Best First-time Competitor: Amna Qavi Contreras


Men’s Sabre

1 Ryan Grainger Foiled Again Fencing Club
2 Adam Wanless Street Swords
3T Charlie Rockett Foiled Again Fencing Club
3T Ross Timmins University of Birmingham
5 Lawrence Sawyer Ridings Sabre Club
6 Syed Hamzah Nafees University of Salford Fencing Club
7 Oliver Andreas University of Salford Fencing Club
8 Archie Thompson Northampton Fencing Club
9 Alistair Delboyer Nottingham Cavaliers
10 Andrew Walker Radcliffe Sword Club
11 Dylan Maxim Leicester University
12 James Bourne Ashbourne Sabre Club
13 Jack Ellingworth Foiled Again Fencing Club
14 Benjamin Mattern Radcliffe Sword Club
18 Lumbani Zimba University of Salford Fencing Club


Best First-time Competitor:  Lumbani Zimba


Women’s Sabre

1 Sue Vout Street Swords
2 Sophie Bourne Ashbourne Sabre Club
3T Yun Shan Hsieh Ashbourne Sabre Club
3T Bethany Scott University of Salford Fencing Club
5 Eli Gayton Chilwell Blades Fencing Club
6 Ainsley Chan North Kesteven Fencing Club
7 Gemma Simmons Garlinge Street Swords
8 Freya Cook University of Salford Fencing Club
9 Annabel Frost Ridings Sabre Club
10 Molly Ogilvie Nottingham Trent University


Best First-time Competitor: Ainsley Chan