In the UK, fencing competitions take place throughout the year both locally and further afield – some are closed competitions (for fencers in a particular age range, for those who are new to the sport, or based on location) while others are open to all-comers. Junior competitions are often organised by age group and can be open to fencers aged up to 18; senior competitions are for fencers aged 13 and above and are not separated by age group. There are also veterans competitions, for fencers aged 40 and older, some of which are split into age groups.

As a club, Foiled Again values the experience provided to its members by competitions and provides both practical support (including the loan of equipment) and advice.

Want to enter a competition?

  • ask for advice from one of the coaches about what would be a good competition for you
  • you can find details of other competitions taking place across the UK here and here but there are many others
  • check who can enter – are you in the right age range or live in the right area?
  • you will need British Fencing membership (see here for more details or speak to one of the coaches)
  • you’ll need the right equipment for the competition – Foiled Again can lend equipment subject to availability (please speak to one of the coaches to make sure you have what you need and don’t leave it to the last minute to do so!). We also have some secondhand breeches to borrow/buy but sizes may be limited for adults
  • make sure you don’t miss the closing date for entries
  • make a note of the sign in time; if you turn up late you may not be able to compete
  • have fun!

Can I do a competition as a beginner?

A good way into competition as a new fencer is via beginners or novice competitions – this usually means fencing people with the same level of experience and these competitions are also set up to provide as much fencing as possible for everyone. Assuming a fencer has the correct British Fencing membership (Compete level is often required), there’s nothing to prevent anyone entering a competition for which they’re eligible – see the notes above about restrictions around age, region etc. – however, entering a competitive open competition as a beginner could be quite a challenging experience and also give them limited opportunities to actually fence on the day.

Fencers from Foiled Again regularly enter the East Midlands Beginners and Intermediate competition – there are separate junior and senior (over 13) events, taking place on the same day in Nottingham. This is a competition specifically designed for first-time entrants within the East Midlands region, giving you a chance to see if competition is for you. For the purposes of fencers over the age of 13 entering this competition, the length of time someone has been fencing will be used to determine whether they can enter the ‘beginner’ and/or ‘intermediate’ categories. More details will be available at practice and on the website and social media as soon as events are announced.

We also run the Mercia Novice Open, open to fencers across the country who meet certain criteria – in 2022, this was for epee and foil and in 2023 we expanded it to include sabre for the first time. Again, we think this competition would be good for first-time competitors and more information about the competition is available here. In 2024, this will take place on Sunday 18th February.

Can I qualify for national competitions?

Fencers from Foiled Again are also encouraged to enter regional qualifiers to represent the East Midlands in national competitions – in particular, the British Youth Championships (juniors only, all 3 weapons) and the GB Cup (seniors only, all 3 weapons). Local qualifying competitions for these events take place every year in our region and details of those will be made available at practice, on the website and other social media as they are announced.

Local competitions coming soon:


East Midlands Championship/GB Cup qualifier – 20th April 2024 (13+)

Lee Westwood Sports Centre, Nottingham Trent University, Clifton, Nottingham, NG11 8NS

This is our regional championship – as well as helping local fencers be selected to represent East Midlands at the senior Winton Cup (a long-running team competition between different regions), it’s also the qualifying event for the GB Cup – a national competition for intermediate fencers, taking place in July 2024.

Fencers will need either Recreational or Compete membership of British Fencing. It may not be possible to fence in more than one weapon, due to timetabling on the day.

Entries open 1st February – more information and an entry link to follow.



Competition series:

Derbyshire Junior Series

This is a series of competitions taking place locally, usually starting in September, for junior epee fencers aged up to 16 – this series is currently on hold.

Leon Paul Junior Series

This is a series of competitions taking place around the country, throughout the year, for junior fencers in all 3 weapons through U9, U11, U13 and U15 age groups.

The Youth Series

Another series of competitions taking place around the country, for junior fencers in all 3 weapons through U10, U12, U14 and U17 age groups.

Northern Youth Challenge

Formerly the Yorkshire Youth League, this series of events has now been opened up to participants across the country, for junior fencers in all 3 weapons through U10, U12, U14 and U16 age groups.

Elite Epee

Separate competitions for junior and senior male and female fencers, epee only – these competitions also take place in various locations around the country throughout the year.