In the UK, fencing competitions take place throughout the year both locally and further afield – some are closed competitions (for fencers in a particular age range, for those who are new to the sport, or based on location) while others are open to all-comers.

As a club, Foiled Again values the experience provided to its members by competitions and provides both practical support (including the loan of equipment) and advice.

Want to enter a competition?

  • ask for advice from one of the coaches about what would be a good competition for you
  • you can find details of other competitions taking place across the UK here and here but there are many others
  • check who can enter – are you in the right age range or live in the right area?
  • you will need British Fencing membership (see here for more details or speak to one of the coaches)
  • you’ll need the right equipment for the competition – Foiled Again can lend equipment (please speak to one of the coaches to make sure you have what you need) but we are not able to provide either breeches or long socks, both of which are usually required
  • make sure you don’t miss the closing date for entries
  • make a note of the sign in time; if you turn up late you may not be able to compete
  • have fun!

Can I do a competition as a beginner?

Fencers from Foiled Again regularly enter the East Midlands Beginners and Intermediate competition, usually held in the spring each year – there are separate junior and senior (over 13) events, with juniors fencing foil and seniors fencing any of the 3 weapons, all taking place on the same day in Nottingham. This is a competition specifically designed for first-time entrants within the East Midlands region, giving you a chance to see if competition is for you. For the purposes of this competition, a ‘beginner’ has been fencing less than 2 years, while an ‘intermediate’ fencer has been fencing less than 4. More details will be available at practice and on the website and social media as soon as events are announced.

This has been joined by the John Holt Novice Open, which is open to fencers across the country as long as they meet certain criteria (e.g. not being on national rankings, not having won a medal in an open competition). This competition may also be good as a first competition and more details will be available on social media, here on the website and at practice when entries open.

Can I qualify for national competitions?

Fencers from Foiled Again are encouraged to enter regional qualifiers to represent the East Midlands in national competitions – the British Youth Championships (juniors only, all 3 weapons) and the GB Cup (seniors only, all 3 weapons). Details of those qualifiers will be made available at practice and on the website and other social media as the 2019 events are announced.

Competitions Coming Soon:

    RAF Open (senior) – 29th and 30th June 2019

    RAF Cosford, near Wolverhampton

    A six-weapon open.

    More details here and entry link here.

    Shropshire Open (senior) – 14th and 15th September 2019

    Telford College, Wellington, Shropshire, TF1 2NP

    A six-weapon open, with foil and sabre competitions on the Saturday and epee on the Sunday.

    More details here and entry link here.

Competition series:

    Leon Paul Junior Series

    This is a series of competitions taking place around the country, throughout the year, for junior fencers in all 3 weapons aged up to 15.

    Separate competitions for male and female fencers, juniors and veterans (over 40’s), epee only – these competitions also take place in various locations around the country throughout the year.