A quick post to let everyone know that we will be increasing our prices from September 2022 – we don’t particularly want to do this but our current financial situation requires it while we continue to rebuild after 18 months closure. The more people that fence with us, the less likely future price rises are – we have to pay the same amount for the venue regardless of how many people are using it!

From September 2022, fees will be as follows:

£55 per period – juniors (whether attending the junior session or under 18s in the adult session)
£65 per period – over 18s

The cost of beginners courses has also increased slightly:

£45 for under 18s (again, this may be as part of the juniors session or the adult session)
£55 for over 18s

As before, the cost of fencing with us covers borrowing kit and equipment for use at practice, though we encourage people to buy their own. Please speak to a coach or committee member if you’re interested in buying either new or used kit and equipment, for advice and support.

Please note: everyone fencing with us is still required to have current British Fencing membership, in order to be covered by our insurance. The minimum level if fencing at practice is Starter/Recreational, depending on how long you have been fencing.