FAQ for new and returning fencers:

What do I need to wear/bring for my beginners course?

You should wear trainers or other sports shoes (a lot of fencers wear shoes designed for squash or volleyball), full-length leggings or jogging bottoms (no shorts!) and a t-shirt.

If you sweat a lot, bring a towel and/or a change of t-shirt – changing rooms are available at the sports hall. If you have long hair, bring something to tie it back. Make sure you bring a full water bottle.

Do I need to buy any kit or equipment?

We provide everything you’ll need in order to learn how to fence safely. We’re also happy to give advice about what to buy and where, if you decide you want to continue fencing (or if you’re thinking about what people might buy you for Christmas!).

There are safety standards required around kit and equipment. Some items sold for fencing, especially secondhand, may not meet current UK standards – we reserve the right to say you can’t use them while fencing with us, including in our beginners courses. Please ask for advice before you buy something, to avoid a potentially expensive mistake.

Isn’t fencing dangerous? What about insurance?

Statistically, fencing is one of the safest sports you can do, as a result of the enforcement of quality standards around kit and equipment. Our kit is regularly inspected and you should tell us if you have any concerns while you’re using it.

We’re insured through British Fencing and you’ll be given information about signing up for a free 90-day membership, which will cover your time on the beginners course. This is not optional.

Returning fencers must have British Fencing membership of at least ‘Starter’ or ‘Recreational’ levels – we will be checking this, so please sort this out as soon as you can!

I used to fence in the juniors but now I’m over 13, what should I do?

If you completed a junior beginners course, especially if you fenced with us for a while in juniors, then come along to the 7.30pm session.

How can I pay for my course or session fees?

Payment by bank transfer is preferred, but cheques (payable to ‘Foiled Again’) or cash are also fine. Exact cash payment is really helpful. Please email us at info@foiledagain.co.uk if you don’t have our bank account details.

Please ask if there’s anything else you need to know – looking forward to seeing everyone on Friday!