At present Foiled Again is open as usual for practice, while also keeping an eye on both NHS and British Fencing advice around reducing the risks for people who fence with us, their families and people they come into contact with. At present, practice is due to go ahead as normal tonight (12/3) and for the next 3 weeks, with our session on 2nd April being the last before we close for Easter. Practice is due to resume on 23rd April.

Please make sure we have a way of contacting you if we need to advise you of any change to this, as this could change at short notice. We suggest all fencers and parents of fencers follow our Facebook group or join our mailing list (by emailing It’s also important that everyone signs in, so we can have an accurate record of who has attended when.

General advice: Please follow the current government advice around washing your hands regularly or using hand sanitiser. Likewise, please use a tissue if you cough or sneeze. The sharing of cups is not a good idea, so please bring a water bottle (preferably labelled with your name) to use instead. Please do not come to practice if you have a temperature or other flu-like symptoms.

Fencing specific advice: All our kit is washed regularly, however we will be asking fencers to put used gloves on one side rather than returning them to the glove bags. Masks used by the junior or adult beginner sessions will be wiped before they’re used again. Please let us know if you have coughed or sneezed on any of our kit, so it can be put on one side for washing. Wipes will also be used on weapon grips, spools and other equipment. In line with British Fencing advice, shaking hands at the end of a bout is now optional.

For updates on the advice from British Fencing, visit this webpage: